Lance Hav Naubat Ram, MVC, Indian Army

Lance Havildar Naubat Ram, MVC

In 1965, Lance Havildar Naubat Ram commanded the 6 Dogra Platoon in the Haji Pir Pass, J&K.

On the night of Sept 8, he led an attack on a hill South-east of the pass which was held by two Pakistani platoons. Naubat Ram faced the brunt of heavy mortar fire and was injured in the arm by a splinter. As his platoon moved to the enemy's right flank, they were pinned down by machine gun fire. Naubat Ram crawled to the enemy's rear and when a few metres away from the gun, he hurled a grenade flowing this with a bayonet attack. He captured the machine gun and killed two gunners single-handed.

On Sept 20, Naubat Ram led the attack on Gitian. A hundred metres short of the target, they were driven back by heavy automatic fire. During this operation, he was hit on three occassions, but soldiered on, refusing evacuation. Using grenades he silenced two enemy machine guns and foiled enemy attempts to reach the troops forward section post. He finally fell unconcious but only after the enemy had been routed.

He was posthumously honoured with the Mahavir Chakra.