Rifleman Dhonkal Singh, MVC, Indian Army

Rifleman Dhonkal Singh, MVC

On 29th April 1948, Rifleman Dhonkal Singh, who was attached to 6 Rajputana Rifles was guiding a platoon along a narrow ridge through a pine forest, in Kashmir when the enemy opened fire with a light machine gun.

Dhonkal Singh received serious injuries on his left shoulder but he crawled forward to the rear of the enemy and destroyed the post with a hand grenade. While pursuing some of the fleeing enemy soldiers he was hit by grenade splinters in the face and chest. He began bleeding profusely and he knew his end was near.

Summoning all his last reserves of energy he flung a grenade and killed two of the enemy, including their commander. Then he fell down dead. His bravery enabled his company to capture the strategic post without future loss of life.

For his supreme sacrifice, Rifleman Dhonkal Singh was awarded Mahavir Chakra posthumously.