Captain Pradip Kumar Gour, MVC, Indian Army

Captain Pradip Kumar Gour, MVC

Captain Pradip Kumar Gour was a pilot with an Air Observation Post(AOP) squadron deployed on the Western Front. Throughout the operations, he flew round-the-clock missions deep inside enemy territory, directing artillery fire and obtaining vital information about the enemy, undeterred by heavy small arms and artillery air burst fire.

On 14th December 1971, while locating and registering targets deep inside enemy territory, Captain Gour saw three enemy Sabre jets operating in the area. Instead of returning to the base and avoiding the danger, he decided to continue with the mission in view of its vital nature. He carried on with his mission evading the Sabre jets. Eventually he was shot down.

In this action, Captain Gour displayed extraordinary devotion to duty and made the supreme sacrifice.