Maj Gen Hardev Singh Kler, MVC, Indian Army

Maj Gen Hardev Singh Kler, MVC

During the Indo-Pak war in December 1971, Brig. H.S. Kler was commanding a mountain brigade on the Eastern Front. He led the advance from Jamalpur up to Turag river.

During all the action in this advance, Brig. Kler was personally present with the leading troops and directed the operations with complete disregard for his life. By personally going into the thick of the battle, he provided great inspiration to his troops who had laid seige behind enemy positions south of Jamalpur. He inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy and captured 379 prisoners as well as large quantities af weapons and ammunition.

Throughout these operations, Brig. Kler displayed outstanding courage, inspiring leadership and complete disregard of personal safety in the face of the enemy in keeping with the best traditions of the Army.