Brig Narinder Singh Sandhu, MVC, Indian Army

Brig Narinder Singh Sandhu, MVC

On the night of 5th December 1971, Lt Col Narinder Singh Sandhu, who was commanding a battalion of the Dogra Regiment, was given the task of capturing the enemy position in the Western Sector.

The enemy defences were extensively fortified with an elaborate system of pillboxes with machine guns and anti-tank weapon emplacements which were connected to each other by a tunnelling system. During the attack all along the route, Lt Col Sandhu remained foremost. As soon as the objective was captured, he was there personally to guide and help in the reorganisation. In spite of the fact that he had got a bullet injury in his leg, he continued to lead his men without any regard for his safety.

In this operation, Lt Col Sandhu displayed gallantry, leadership and devotion to duty of a very high order.