Maj Gen Harish Chandra Pathak, MVC, Indian Army

Maj Gen Harish Chandra Pathak, MVC

During the Indo-Pak war in December 1971, Lt. Col. H.C. Pathak's battalion was given the task of capturing Pak Fatehpur, a well-fortified position held in strength by the enemy.

During the attack, the enemy brought down intense and accurate artillery and small arms fire on the assaulting troops inflicting heavy casualties. Lt. Col. Pathak with complete disregard for his personal safety and displaying rare courage, moved forward and led the charge and captured the objective after a fierce hand-to-hand fight. The enemy launched two fierce counter-attacks. Lt. Col. Pathak's men beat back the enemy attack, inflicting heavy casualties.

In this action, Lt. Col. H.C. Pathak displayed conspicuous gallantry, exemplary leadership and devotion to duty in the best traditions of the Army.