Brig Udai Singh, MVC, Indian Army

Brig Udai Singh, MVC

During the Indo-Pak war in December 1971, Colonel Udai Singh was in charge of a force consisting of three companies of the Ladakh Scouts and a section each of mortars and medium machine guns which had been assigned the task of capturing the area from Chalunka to Turtok in the Kargil sector. The task involved movement on manpack and animal transport mostly by night in sub-zero temperatures at an attitude up to 18,000 feet through unreconnoitered area.

Colonel Udai Singh completely outmanoeuvred the enemy, followed him and pressed home the attack against well entrenched positions till Turtok and a considerable area beyond were captured. Throughout this period Colonel Udai Singh was in the forefront sharing the discomfort and danger with his troops. By his presence and cool courage he inspired his force to attack and capture a series of formidable posts after bitter fighting and often at the point of bayonet.

Throughout the 10-day operations, Colonel Udai Singh displayed conspicuous gallantry, outstanding leadership, cool courage in the face of the enemy and also professional skill of a high order in keeping with the highest traditions of the Army.