Brig(Retd) Raghubir Singh, MVC, Indian Army

Brig(Retd) Raghubir Singh, MVC

Lt. Col. Raghubir Singh was commanding a battalion of the Rajputana Rifles Regiment during the battle of Asal Uttar. Between 7 and 10 September 1965, the unit was attacked by Pakistani forces.

On 9th September at 2100 hours, in moonlight, the enemy forces launched a ferocious attack with tanks and managed to overrun the forward company positions. Lt. Col. Raghubir Singh, anticipating the enemy's assault, left his command post and regardless of personal safety moved up to those companies past three enemy tanks.

He entered the positions under intense enemy artillery fire and established contact with the company commanders. This example of courage, determination and leadership on the part of the Commanding Officer inspired the men to defy the enemy tanks and under his command they destroyed 20 enemy tanks.