Brig(Retd) Pagadala Kuppuswamy Nandagopal, MVC, Indian Army

Brig(Retd) Pagadala Kuppuswamy Nandagopal, MVC

On 28th September 1965, Lt. Col. P.K. Nandagopal, officer commanding a battalion of Sikh Light Infantry, personally led the assault on Kalidhar in J&K and captured two intermediate objectives.

Two counter-attacks were beaten off, but due to heavy casualties our troops had to fall back from one of the hill features. On the night of 30th October, the battalion which was given the task of clearing the same objective with the help of a battalion of Mahar Regiment, secured its objective in spite of heavy enemy opposition and shelling.

The battalion continued to press forward and successfully secured three other important features by 1800 hours the same day. On one occasion Lt Col Nandagopal personally led the forward company and was involved in a desperate hand-to-hand fight with the enemy. He recieved two heavy blows with a hatchet on his head and face.

In these actions, Lt Col Nandagopal displayed remarkable courage, leadership and determination. His bravery was a source of inspiration to all his men and they responded in a befitting manner.