Brig Thomas Krishnan Theogaraj, MVC, Indian Army

Brig Thomas Krishnan Theogaraj, MVC

On 8th September 1965, the Pakistani troops commenced a major thrust in the Khem Karan area. Using Patton tanks, the enemy attempted encirclement of our troops with the intention of a subsequent deep armoured penetration into our territory. The armoured brigade under the command of Brigadier Theogaraj was immediately sent to the area to halt the enemy's advance.

Brigadier Theogaraj effectively deployed his tanks to face the enemy and steadily held his ground against determined enemy attacks. At the end of the battle, over 40 enemy Patton and Chaffe tanks had been destroyed or captured intact and two of the enemy's Patton regiments were nearly wiped out. The enemy was forced to withdraw with heavy losses and never again attempted the use of tanks in a major thrust against our defences in this sector.

It was due to Brigadier Theogaraj's courage, leadership and determination, that this decisive victory against the enemy's armour was possible.