Brig Kanhya Lal Atal, MVC, Indian Army

Brig Kanhya Lal Atal, MVC

Brig. K.L. Atal was the brigade commander in charge of the operations in the Zojila area which commenced on 1st November 1948 in the breakthrough over the Zojila Pass and culminated in the capture of Kargil on 23rd November.

The detailed planning, preparation and execution of the entire operations were carried out under intense wintry conditions with great determination, consummate skill and boldness on the part of Brig. Atal. After the breakthrough at Zojila, the brigade was held up at Pindras by the enemy entrenched in a strong dominating position and overlooking the only defile through which our advance was possible.

Brig. Atal took his tactical HQ with the leading battalion well forward where he came under heavy enemy machine gun and mortar fire. He pushed a strong brigade attack which over-ran the enemy and enabled the advance to Kargil to continue. Later, when the leading battalion was held up four miles short of Kargil, he personally led two companies over a difficult mountainous track, at great personal risk, which took him to the rear of the enemy and ultimately into Kargil.

Throughout the operations, Brig. Atal set a very high example of leadership and personal courage under enemy fire without any regard for his own safety.