Maj Gen(Retd) Sarup Singh Kalaan, MVC, MC, Indian Army

Maj Gen(Retd) Sarup Singh Kalaan, MVC, MC

During the period from 5th August to 22nd September 1965, Maj. Gen. Sarup Singh Kalaan was in command of our troops in the Uri-Baramula Gulmarg Sectors. He planned and executed operations for hunting out the infiltrators and capturing their bases and routes of infiltration in the entire territory east of the Kishanganga.

For the capture of Haji Pir Pass and the subsequent link-up towards Poonch, he personally led his troops against well-entrenched regular Pakistan Army posts which had been strengthened by the enemy for the past 18 years. Inspired by his leadership and courage in the face of enemy fire, the troops under his command threw the enemy forces out of their well-defended positions.

Throughout the operations, Maj. Gen. Sarup Singh Kalaan displayed conspicuous courage and exemplary leadership in the best traditions of the Indian Army.