Maj Gen Ranjit Singh Dyal, MVC, Indian Army

Maj Gen Ranjit Singh Dyal, MVC

On the night of 25th August 1965, Maj. R.S. Dyal led an assault on Sank in J&K. It was stalled by heavy Pakistani fire. Acting with cool courage, Maj. Dyal managed to extricate his company intact and on the following night he again led an assault and captured Sank. He pursued the enemy relentlessly and fighting with great zeal, captured Ledwali Gali by 1100 hours on 27th August. Thereafter, marching by night through very difficult terrain, he took the enemy by surprise and at 1100 hours on 28th August, captured Haji Pir Pass.

In this action, a Pakistani officer and 11 Pakistani other ranks were taken prisoner. On the following morning, Maj. Dyal deployed a platoon to capture another feature. Seeing that our patrol had come under heavy enemy fire, he immediately went to help it with another platoon. In the face of heavy enemy machine gun and mortar fire, he led his two platoons in a lightning attack as a result of which the enemy fled in confusion.

Throughout this operation, Major R.S. Dyal displayed outstanding leadership and courage of a very high order in the best traditions of the Indian Army.