Maj Gen Madan Mohan Singh Bakshi, MVC, Indian Army

Maj Gen Madan Mohan Singh Bakshi, MVC

On 11th September 1965, Hodson's Horse commanded by Lt. Col. M.M.S. Bakshi was assigned the task of protecting the left flank of an armoured brigade during the brigade's attack on Phillora.

As the regiment started deploying, Lt. Col. Bakshi suddenly observed a squadron of enemy Patton tanks in hull down positions. Without the slightest hesitation, he engaged and knocked out two enemy tanks. He then advanced to charge through the enemy tanks, though he had by now received two direct hits on his tank. Despite these odds, he gallantly charged with his single tank and knocked out another enemy tank.

By now his tank had been hit for the fourth time and had caught fire, where upon he ordered the crew to bale out. They came under intense machine gun fire and were surrounded by the crew of enemy tanks, who had baled out earlier from their burning tanks. Lt. Col. Bakshi and his crew defied capture and took cover in an adjacent sugarcane field, from where they were rescued by the advancing tanks of 17 Horse. His inspiring leadership had made a material contribution to the capture of Phillora.

The exemplary courage, determination and leadership displayed by Lt. Col. Bakshi in the face of overwhelming odds were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Army.