Maj Gen(Retd) Gurbaksh Singh, MVC, Indian Army

Maj Gen(Retd) Gurbaksh Singh, MVC

Major General Gurbaksh Singh, General Officer Commanding of a mountain division, was responsible for operations against Pakistan in the Khem Karan Sector in September 1965.

Though short of troops, his formation captured its initial objectives on the first day but was forced to fall back to better tactical positions owing to attacks by an overwhelmingly superior enemy armoured force. An attack was later launched by three enemy armoured groups followed by an infantry division. Although the enemy force was numerically superior, the troops under the command of Major General Gurbaksh Singh not only held their position, but practically eliminated one and a half enemy tank regiments. Early next morning the remnants of this attacking tank force were forced to surrender to our troops.

During these operations, Major General Gurbaksh Singh kept moving among his men at all times, facing the same dangers as they did and directing the battle from the ground. By personal example he inspired his troops to face the overwhelming odds successfully and to inflict heavy losses on a well-equipped enemy force. He displayed exemplary leadership, remarkable tenacity and indomitable courage.