Maj Gen(Retd) Rajindar Singh, MVC & Bar, Indian Army

Maj Gen(Retd) Rajindar Singh, MVC & Bar

Maj Gen(Retd) Rajindar Singh was the first to recieve the MVC non-posthumously as also Bar to MVC.

In 1948, Lt Col Rajindar Singh was in command of the 7th Light Cavalry in J&K. His bold and imaginative employment of tanks materially changed the course of events in that theatre, earning him the MVC.

During the 1965 operations against Pakistan, Maj Gen Rajindar Singh led his formation into battle against numerically superior and better equipped enemy armoured forces in the Sialkot Sector. Inspired by his tactical ability and leadership, his troops inflicted heavy tank casualties on the enemy armoured forces.

By his presence in the thick of the battle, in utter disregard for his personal safety, Maj Gen Rajindar Singh inspired our tank crews to engage the enemy forces closely. He commanded the highly complex armoured formation in an outstanding manner and established such moral ascendancy over the enemy that in the latter stages of the campaign the enemy tanks avoided battle and had to be sought out to be destroyed.

Throughout these operations, Maj Gen Rajindar Singh displayed conspicuous bravery and leadership of a very high order in the best traditions of the Indian Army for which he was awarded the Bar to MVC.

After retiring from the Indian Army, Maj Gen Rajindar Singh became a cabinet minister in the Punjab Government and later a Member of Parliament.