Maj Gen(Retd) Anant Singh Pathania, MVC, MC, Indian Army

Maj Gen(Retd) Anant Singh Pathania, MVC, MC

In November 1948, the Indian army's advance towards Drass and Kargil sector was hindered by the enemy presence at Pindras gorge. To overcome this a two-pronged attack was planned to effect a breakthrough. The 1/5 Gorkha commanded by Lt Col Anant Singh Pathania was deployed to capture the enemy positions of Kumar and Anant on a ridge near Pindras.

It is said that the battle waged by the Lt Col and his men was one of the hardest ever fought during the Jammu and Kashmir operations. The Lt Col not only led several reconnaissance missions but also pressed home the attack on the enemy on 14 the November. Despite the heavy enemy machine gun fire, the 1/5 Gorkhas forged ahead, ultimately capturing both features.

The victory was attributed to the Lt Col's daring reconnaissance of enemy positions on the eve of battle. Throughout the reconnaissance stage and during the attack, this officer personally led his men. He was a source of great encouragement to his men.

Lt Col Anant Singh Pathania was honoured with the Mahavir Chakra for his leadership skills.