Capt Dara Dinshaw Mistry, MVC, Indian Army

Capt Dara Dinshaw Mistry, MVC

Captain Dara Dinshaw Mistri was an Observation Officer at the forward-most picket in Naushahra area during the Jammu and Kashmir operations of 1948.

In December, Pakistani intruders seeking to capture the base, subjected it to heavy shelling. But Captain Mistri refused to withdraw. He stuck to his post, conveying much needed information to the Indian units. Frustrated by his tubborn stand, the enemy intensified the attack.

The Pakistani Sherman tanks, whose presence he confirmed to the Indian soldiers, engaged his picket for more then two hours, but despite the battering, Captain Mistri would not budge. He stood at his post until he was struck by a 75-mm shell that killed him instantly.

For this awe-inspiring courage and sacrifice, Captain Dara Dinshaw Mistri was posthumously honoured with the Mahavir Chakra.