Lt Col Inderbal Singh Bawa, MVC, Indian Army

Lt Col Inderbal Singh Bawa, MVC

Lt Col Inderbal Singh Bawa commanded 4/5 Gurkha Rifles during operation of Sri Lanka. The battalion was entrusted with the task of clearing the axis of Vasavilan, Urgmpurai and Jaffna fort. These were well-defended militant strongholds. But the Colonel, an able leader and shrewd strategist forged ahead inflicting heavy casualties on enemy's along the way.

In early October, the Gurkha Rifles was deployed to extricate12 Sikh Light Infantry and Para Commandos at Kondavil. By marching through heavily fortified enemy territory, the Indian soldiers succesfully evacuated them. Towards the end of the operation, suicide squads sprayed him with bullets, killing him instantly.

Lt Col Inderbal Singh Bawa was posthumously honoured with the Mahavir Chakra for his supreme sacrifice to the nation's cause.