Major Dharam Vir Singh, MVC, Indian Army

Major Dharam Vir Singh, MVC

Major Dharam Vir Singh led the 8 grenadiers in the capture of Chakra in the Shakargarh sector, during the 1971 war. Wire -meshed fences and minefields and a Pakistani Patton squadron stood ready to ward off any Indian attempt on Chakra. But its capture was vital to enable the Indians to advance further north.

The attack commenced on the night of 10th December. The Indians suffered heavy casualties but under the Major's astute guidance, pressed home thier attack forcing the patton tanks to withdraw. The major himself led his unit through the minefields, and succeded in capturing the objective after a bitter hand to hand struggle.

The enemy counter-attacked the very next day. But the grenadiers inspired by the constant presence of Major Singh, foughtt back furiously. Not only was the enemy repulsed, but Indians destroyed two tanks, and captured four others and a huge cache of arms as well.

For his courageous march and leadership, Major Dharam Vir Singh was decorated with the Mahavir Chakra.