Brigadier Sampuran Singh, MVC, Vr.C, Indian Army

Brigadier Sampuran Singh, MVC, Vr.C

During the Indo-Pak conflict of 1965, Lt Col Sampuran Singh was commander of the 19 Punjab battalion. To advance to the Haji Pir Pass it was essential for our troops to capture a tactical feature held by two Pakistani companies. Two attempts to capture it had failed.

On 28th August, a battalion of Punjab Regiment, which had been ordered to capture the feature, was pinned down by heavy enemy fire. At this crucial moment Lt Col Sampuran Singh, who was commanding the battalion, personally led his men in an attack on the objective with courage and determination. In total disregard of his personal safety, he advanced with his men against intense enemy fire and captured Bedori.

In this operation, Lt Col Sampuran Singh displayed courage and leadership of a high order. This earned him the VrC.

After the capture of Haji Pir Pass, it became necessary to secure the road to Kahuta. When, due to heavy enemy opposition, the task became very difficult, Lt Col Sampuran Singh was detailed to secure a strategic ridge which linked up that position with the forward position of an infantry brigade. He immediately pushed forward with his men, charged the enemy and captured the ridge, thus establishing the link. Disregarding his own safety, he moved forward and in three successive attacks pushed the enemy back.

Throughout, Lt Col Sampuran Singh displayed exemplary courage and leadership of a high order for which he was awarded the MVC.