Important events in Paratrooping at Paratroopers Training School Agra, 1972-73, Indian Airforce.
Important events in Paratrooping at Paratroopers Training School Agra

First time in the history of Paratrooping in India students(NCC cadets) were trained for paratrooping. The training of these cadets lasted for 28 days. A total of 29 cadets successfully completed the course on 1st July, 1972. Director General of NCC, Maj. Gen. Hazare witnessed the drops and congratulated the cadets and the staff.

A documentary on parachute training and supply drops was made by the Film Photo Division at PTS. A total of 250 paratroopers and heavy drops(Jeeps) were paradropped at the local dropping zone on 26 Sep. 72. Shortly the documentary is expected to be screened at Air Force and Army Training Centres.

Renowned Producer and Director of the film industry Mr Chetan Anand visited PTS AF for filming a paratrooping scene for his forthcoming film "Hindustan Ki Kasam". Five parachute jump instructors were paradropped for the scene on 25 Oct. 72.

In order to celebrate the raising day of '50 Indep. Para Brigade' four aircraft of this unit flew in formation over the local DZ and dropped 133 paratroopers on the morning of 27 Oct. 72. This show was witnessed by the elite of Indian Army and Air Force along with their families.

PTS AF celebrated its 22nd Anniversary with great pomp and show on 2 Nov. 72, 22 parachute Jump Instructors were dropped in front of the PTS hangar and the multicoloured manoeuvrable parachutes added colour to the show.

On 11 Nov. 72 AOC-in-C Air Marshall B.S Krishna Rao, PVSM visited PTS on his annual inspection of the station.

Three aircraft of this unit paradropped 120 paratroopers at Roorkie as a part of the No.4 Div. exercise.

The JAW's team visited PTS on 6 Dec. 72 and witnessed a Demonstration Drop of 124 paratroopers dropped in a formation of 3 aircraft.

For the first time in history of Paratroopers Training School 10 Pilots started Basic Paratrooping Training on 6 Dec. 72. The Pilots successfully completed the course on 22 Dec. 72. These Pilots are supposed to be used as Foward Air Controllers with Airborne Forces and they are to be dropped along with Airborne Forces during Operations and Exercises.

In the month of December Flt Lt D.K Dhingra, VM commenced free fall (skydiving) from various heights on Otter, Mi-4 and Caribou aircraft. This is the first time that any Indian has carried out Skydiving in this country.

During the fag-end of the year 1972 this Unit took part in Exercise "Flying Fox". A total of 790 paratroopers were paradropped at night at Lalitpur. Wg. Cdr. S. Chand, OC PTS, lead the formation of Packets. During the exercise AN-12's carried out heavy drops followed by paradrops from Packets, Dakotas and Caribous.

On 2 Dec. 72 Air Marshall Harry Burton of RAF visited PTS.

In the month of February 1973 two Company Group drops of 10 Para Commandos were conducted at foreign Dropping Zones.

34,504 descents were carried out from Jan. 72 to Dec. 72. This is an all time record.

Two PJI's, Flt Lt D.K Dhingra and MWO K.N Venkatachalam were awarded Vayu Sena Medal. MWO K.N Venkatachalam was given a Bar to Vayu Sena Medal later.