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Paper Dolls


copies of paper doll and uniforms
crayons, markers, or coloured pencils

optional - lightweight cardboard, glue


Print the Paper Doll Patterns

Colour and cut out - don't forget to leave the tabs on the clothes!

For extra durability, I like to glue the doll to lightweight cardboard (like an old file folder).

** If you prefer to download the graphics to print later, right-click here and choose "Save target as" to download a zip file containing the doll and uniform patterns.


Uniform Colours

Argentina Navy blue skirt & straps, White shirt & socks, Yellow tie.
Brazil Blue dress, Brown belt & buckle, Yellow tie & patch on shirt
Canada Brown dress, belt, & sash.  Orange tie.
China Green dress and belt, Yellow tie.
France Light brown shirt, Dark brown pants, Blue & yellow tie, Yellow slide,
& white patch on shirt.
Iceland Green shirt & pants, red tie & patch on shirt.
Israel Beige shirt & pants, yellow tie
Japan White shirt, Red skirt & suspenders.
Malaysia White shirt, Brown skirt, belt and suspenders.  Brown tie with slide.
Netherlands Green shirt, Blue belt, Orange circles on pockets, Orange tie, Blue slide.
New Zealand Aqua green polo shirt with navy collar.  Logo & the words Guides New
Zealand on the left breast.  Navy sash over left shoulder.  Navy bottoms.
South Africa Brown skirt, belt, & suspenders, white shirt, yellow tie.
Sri Lanka White dress, brown tie.
Sweden Dark blue shirt, Blue pants, Black belt, Yellow tie, Brown slide.
Switzerland Blue dress, Black belt, Yellow buckle, Green tie.
Turkey Brown shirt, Dark brown skirt, Red tie with blue stripes, Yellow slide.