Backstreet Boy Cleans Up

Backstreet Boy Cleans Up
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Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean is having things his way. The bands former "bad boy" has cleaned up his act in a big way. When we caught up with A.J. at VH1's charity golf tournament in Miami, the sexy singer was extremely candid about being sober for the last eight months.

He says, "I got a clear mind, got a clear head, got a great family, and great future wife."

McLean's lucky bride-to-be is Sarah Martin, an up-and-coming young singer who also quit drinking when A.J. checked himself into rehab last year for alcohol abuse, anxiety, and depression. He says, ˇ§She was more of a social drinker, but she just stopped everything when I went in. She's very supportive."

So are A.J.'s fans and fellow band members like Brian Lattrell. They have understood how the pressures of being a pop star made him lose control. A.J. says, ˇ§Instead of people being upset that the tour was going down, they were more concerned about my health and my safety."

A.J. made a big move from Florida out west for rehab. It was a move many questioned at first, but A.J. says, ˇ§It's actually a lot easier because there's places that you can go to hide and be away from all that."

A.J. says he's gained a few pounds since he quit drinking, but he wouldnˇ¦t trade sobriety for anything. A.J. is back and with a renewed passion for love, life, and music, he's better than ever!


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