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THE Backstreet Boys  could be renamed the Back-stab Boys, as intragroup squabbles threaten to disband the quintet. The all-grown-up boy band just parted ways with its management company, the Firm, because "they were annoyed that their last album flopped, and had to blame someone." But the rest of the Boys, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough and A.J. McLean, were shocked when bandmate Nick Carter rehired the Firm to represent his solo career. "Nick is coming out with a solo album in August, about a month before the Backstreet Boys' next album. The group is furious," our source said. Carter - the first in the group to break away and record solo - told the London Sun, "I'm really psyched [for the solo project] and want to do something different by myself." Carter just bought a power boat racing team and an offshore racing boat that his father will drive, pals said, leaving him little time for the band. "There's a lot of infighting with the Boys - and between that and [McLean's] rehab, there's not much left," we hear.

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