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Well the first time I watched the XFiles was the 3rd season but I was younger so I wasn't obsessed. When the 5th season came around I began to love the show. I couldn't miss one. I know you all can relate. After I watched PMP ( Post-Modern Prometheus) I knew I was a Shipper! I am one with full tear ducts so I cry at everything. A lot of times ppl ask me "How can you cry at the X-Files?" It's those Moments : ).

When I went to go see the movie on 6/19/98 I was so happy. I had a SS regents test that day and I got a 65 on it . I think I had something else on my mind. After the test 2 of my friends and I walked down to the movie theater and my mom picked us up on the way. We had gotten the tickets 2 weeks ahead! Like everyone else. I was so MAD they didn't kiss everyone in the theater was mad.After the movie I saw like 15 of my other friends who had gotten there after us and they also we pissed about it. We were making death threats to Chris hahaha.

Have you ever noticed that when someone first becomes a X-Phile they are really annoying . All I did was talk about the X-Files and pissed ppl off. Now I know that not everyone cares so I  only annoy my close friends. I don't like when ppl are mad at me so I don't annoy them w/ X-Files stuff. I have converted many ppl over to the X-Files . It's funny ppl get so addicted to the show very easily.

~ My room is covered floor to ceiling with X-Files pictures and posters here's some pictures. If there is dates on the pics most of them are wrong, our camera screwed up the date. It says '90 when it should be 2000
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The X-Files  for Ever!!!!!!