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Anderson Apperances:
6/7  Mighty ENC LOVE
6/20 Mighty ENC Love

A collage I made, click for a larger version.
Duchovny Apperances:
Look in news
The new season of The X-Files has started and I was upset with the poor quality the show has gotten too. I still love The show just the first 6-7 seasons of it. It's not The X-Files any more. I will still be watching but not updating very much if even at all. Go to the Haven to get info, and even there Amy isn't extremely excited over this season too. : ( too bad it had to go down this way, they shoulda went out with a bang!

6-5-01          *******
Apply for my award!!!********

DD is also doing alot of Press for
EVOLUTION which come sout on June 8 in the USA. There is alot so I will post them here instead of under his pick on the right column. These COLORS are most likely but not confirmed. The rest are confirmed.
6/4 Today Show
6/5 Rosie
6/5 David Letterman
6/6 Live w/ Regis
6/6 Howard Stern
6/6 Daily Show

6/7 Conan
6/8 Kevin and Bean
6/10 Ebert & Roeper and the Movies
6/12 Craig Kilborn

On June 7,8,9, &10 he will be on Comedy Central's Reel Comedy: Evolution, check local listings.

On to Season 9. Well there is one with Robert Patrick. Gillian is signed on and is suppose to be in all the eps. David is not signed on and it is unlikly he will do apperances. CC is also unsure whether he will still be Executive Producer or just a consultant.
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11/07 8x01 Within
11/12 8x02 Without
11/19 8x04 Patience
11/26 8x05
12/03 8x06
12/10 8x03
12/17 8x07
Via Negativa
01/07 8x09 Surekill
01/14 8x10 Salvage
01/21 8x12 Badlaa
02/04 8x11
The Gift
02/11 8x13 Medusa
02/18 8x08 Per Manum
02/25 8x14 This is Not Happening
04/01 8x15 DeadAlive
04/08 8x18 Three Words
04/22 8x17 Empedocles
04/29 8x16 Vienen
05/06 8x19 Alone
05/20 8x20 Essence
05/27 8x21 Existence
Lea Apperances:
Pileggi Apperances:
6/17 the Skys No Limit PAX
6/20 Magician Code 3 FX
6/21 Magician Code 4 FX

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