Shipper Moments

Season 1

Pilot- Scully in her bathrobe in the hotel room

Ice- When they check each other to make sure they were healthy

Beyond The Sea- he calls her " Dana"

Fire- Hotel room w/ Scully

EBE- " I think is is remotely plausable that someone could think you were hot" -Mulder

Tooms-The ICED TEA conversation

Season 2

Little Green Men- Scully rubs her hand through Mulder's hair

Host- She goes and talks to Mulder on the bench more than once

Firewalker- He holds her head at the end to make sure she was alright

Irresistable- the end hug

Die Hand Die Verletzt- Their first shower together

Anazai- When Mulder comes to Scully's apt. & When he wakes up at the reservation

Season 3

Paper Clip- When Mulder comforts Scully about Melissa's Death

War of the Coprophages- Phone calls

Pusher- Hand with gun & end with the hand hold

Quagmire- Conversation on the rock

Season 4

Herrenvolk- Scully hus Mulder at the hospital

Home- The bench conversation

The Field Where I Died- "Would it change the way we looked at one another?"

Paper Hearts- At the end Mulder rests his head agaisnt Scully's Breast and hugs her waist

Terma- When Mulder enters the courtroom and the hug

Momento Mori- Whole thing!

Demons- Scully holds Mulder at the end

Small Potatoes- The couch scene ( I know its not him), "Scully should we be picking out China Patterns or what?"

Season 5

Redux- "Keep going FBI woman"

Redux II- All teh hopital scenes

Detour- " ...crawl into a sleeping bag w/ someone naked"   "If it rains sleeping bags, maybe you'd get lucky."

Emily- The way he comforts her

PMP- They dance!!

Schizogeny- " DO my boyish agilities turn you on?"

Chinga- Phone calls " Will you marry me?" &  the end of course

Kill Switch- Car lights & rescues him from the moble home

Bad Blood- The whole thing was funny.

The red and the black- At the doctors office he holds her hand 7 the end in the police car

Folie a Deux- Holds his hand and the 1 in 5 billion

The End- Scully is very jealous of Diana

The X-Files Fight The Future- Many moments!!!!!

Season 6

The Beginning- Hand hold & acouple of others

Triangle- Whole thing

Dreamland II- " I would kiss you if you weren't so damn ugly"

Rain King- Whole Thing. ( And he DOES gaze at her)

How the Ghost Stole Christmas- Whole thing

Tithonus- The beginning and end at hospital

Two Fathers- " Shoe shine tip"

Arcadia-   " Shipper's Dream"

Trevor- " Scully....Dear Diary, my heart lapped today when Agent Scully suggested Spontanious Human Combustion"

Milagro- Scully Cries in Mulders arms

The Unatural- The iced cream fight and the BASEBALL!

Feild Trip- At the end they hold hands as the medic drives away

**More too come in the summer of 2000