Sarah is apart of many Philes' lives here online. She has a great connection to The X-Files while offerng fantastic music. She has been on the Various Artists X-Files CD (& Fight The Future Soundtrack). Her music is awe inspiring.

                I have been to many shipper sites and feel that we all feel that Sarah's songs convey Mulder and Scully to the "T". If you have never heard her music and ever felt that it wasn't your type of music, you should try it. It is real music with a great message! I hope the information below will help you discover Sarah like I did.

                                          Mirror Ball            Surfacing

                       Freedom Sessions Fumbling Towards        Solace

           Touch                      X-Files                 Rare

             By Clicking the Album Cover it will give you the songs and lyrics to each Album. If you would like to download some of her songs I would suggest getting Napster and Napigator. With Napigator even if Napster is shut down you can still use it by changing your server.