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9/13/00 3:45pm
Well I can't really update w/ news since I am at school. There was a accident and this place is burning down. So we are stuck in school by the orders of the police cuz of chemicals. But hey I am in the best place to be though. the Library. TV, internet hahaha better than anything else.

Haven't updated in awhile cuz of school. Lets see Haven has more spoilers, like always. DD was on the Emmys w/ his skit. I personally don't like his scruffyness. I mean I like the "Movieline" scruffyness if you look at his 2nd Movieline cover you know what I mean.
Today's the DAY!! Finally. Sorry I have not updated, it has been really busy in my house. Here is stuff that is very important. I also updated Apperances on the right side.
X-Files Auction
X-Files Prop Contest
Chris Carter Chat on 11/6
Cinescape Site
  -Many X-Files Interviews
EW Online
Jam TV

There is new TV Guide covers that will be out Nov.4th. Also the OS is having 'X-Props II: Amor Decertatio'. New props every week to identify. Plus if you win, you get a real prop from the X-Files. Also new spoilers for the opening credits here from Fandom.
-So Sorry I haven't updated. This is for Kate heh. OK much to talk about. First the OS has new interviews with Mitch here. Also I updated the episodes on the left hand column. I have heard from many places that the Cinescape 2000 - 2001 X-Files Yearbook is out, also look for The Offical X-Files Mag, w/ RP on the cover.  Also the OS has been awesome so far this season. They update the EPISODES, with the one airing the next week, every week. Check that out for new pictures and videos.
**My thoughts on Within and Without. I thought they were good, but I just wish they didn't rush everything so fast. I think they introduced JD as well as they could in the time they had, but it is hard to have him on the XFiles so fast. It's like all of a sudden he is assigned to The X-Files. I thought Patiences was good, but JD held her.still missing Mulder can you tell!!!
-On the Season 8 Pictures I have Mulders new ones hehe, LOOK WHO"S BACK!  ALso check out
PtP from Amy at the Haven, look at it, very important!!
Hmm well Gillian will be on that FOX auction thing on Thursday, I think we all saw that commercial. I have also been selected as a featured site on "uninvited' XFiles site. Want to have another hello to Kate, who is an XPhile I met online heh adn met her by accident while I was shopping and didn't knwo it was her. Untill she mentioned where she worked. heh. gotta luv us XPhiles : )

First day of December wow, can't believe we are a month through so far. Ahhhhh :) Well Invocation is on this weekend, with a special guest who's character is called 'Luke Doggett'.............hmmm wonder who that is. The OS has new photos from Invocation also the VG chat, which is very interesting. DD, Tea and Maddi are in People mag this weke under the front section of pictures.
There is a new House of Mirth ad that was in Daily Variety. You can view it here. You can also view the first one here.

The OS updated with new pics!!! You can view them on my site at the above Season 8 pics or go to the OS.

Next ep to air on January 7th is called Surekill.

I added Gillians dates that she will be on TV for Hom. I also got in the mail my Daily Variety with an Ad for Hom for the Oscars. You can check it out here. The OS also has a new video up for Via Negativa.

The episodes have been switched around in order, I fixed them on the side. Also 8x14 is called "This is Not Happening". The OS has this cool thing for the Eps, called The Brain. Check it out!!