My DC Trip
More Pictures below
                   My cousin Christain was gettin married in DC on August 12, 2000. So we went down to DC on the 9th so we could sight see. We went to the Washington Memorial, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials too. The next day I made my parents get up at 4:30am so we could be first in line at the FBI tours. We got there and there was a couple there, so we were second. It didnt open till 9am so we had to wait a while. I took alot of pictures which you can see below. We went in then there was benches that people could sit on. There was a stupid video playing that people could watch but it was boring. Only one part was interesting when they mentioned what the Agents had to go through. And they had like fake FBI agents that they filmed and let me tell you there was this one woman that looked just like Scully!!
                     So we got to go in and wait in the room. The building was built for a tour so you dont get to really go into the whole FBI thing like area. We saw the labs and she said that Monica's dress did go there. We also saw all these guns that the FBI had confiscated over the years and there was some cool Tommy Guns there. At the end you get to go to the shooting range. They shoot some differnet handguns and rifles too. They also shot an automatic. Some kid asked if he could have the target and got it, I was alittle pissed I should have ask if I could have it. You couldn't take pictures on the tour.
                       Then on Friday we went to the White House. We didn't have to wait because we had be pre-check by our congressman to go there. That was nice but the White House is like in the middle of the city. It's like you can just walk right apon it. Then we went to the Smithsonian. That was really cool. I suggest going there.
                        On Saturday we had the wedding. It was really nice. The reception afterwards was real fun. The food was real good. Well it was about 10pm and I was heading up to my room and I got in the elevator. I get in and press 7 and the doors close. Well then this alarm goes off and and there is flashing lights. I was like crap! ThanX god I hadn't gone up any because I would have been trapped in the elevator. It was the fire alarm. So I got out and my cousin the one who was getting married was out there and I asked him what it was and he said someone must have pulled the alarm, because they were all drunk. So I went back upstairs and we to bed. When we drove home we saw the Pentagon that was really cool, but it is not as big as I thought it would be.
                        Some other cool things. I knew DD was going to be On Rosie when I was gone but I knew it was a repeat. Just so happen that I was in the hotel room when it was on and I watched it. Can't be away from him for even a day : ) I bought 2 FBI shirts, a pin, some post cards and a mug. My dad also bought me the same mug again because he didn't know I had bought it. It was cool when we were waiting at the FBI building. All the agents were driving in at the entrance where we were, it was sooooo cool. I also took the picture of the capital building on Pennsylvaina Ave from the FBI building. If you watch FTF when WMM is in the car w/ Mulder and they drive up onto this street at night and there is a large building, which is the capital thats the picture I took. I also tried to get a picutre of the little garden thing in the middle of the FBI building. It has been shown on alot of X-Files eps including Redux II. Well when I was waiting in line inside I ran over and tried to get a picture of it as best as I could. Our hotel was huge. It was like 3 saunas, a gym, a olyimpic sixe pool and more it was cool.

Well thats about it. I stayed at the Monarch Hotel. It was real nice. I    suggest going to DC anyday. It was real fun and what an experience!!!