Seite A
Satans Pilgrims - ghoulash
Roy Junior - victim of the circumstance
Intensified - fat cat
J Church - nostalgic for nothing
Stereo Total - touche moi
Spencer Davis Group - waltz for lumumba
Kung Fu Monkeys - I, herman
Henry Fiats Open Sore - the antiman
Victor Rice - gravity
Die Elektros - kämpferin in s-bahnzügen
Groovie Ghoulies - i don´t wanna be like that
Outcats - seven deadly sins
Moldy peaches - lazy confessions
Beck´s pistols - palmen
Hotknives - same all over the world
Aavikko - ostsee
Shitbirds - oh joy

Seite B
Amen 81 - feindfahrt
Parka - autos & schnelle fraun
Studio Sextett Erfurt - party zeit
Man Or Astroman ? - the soundwaves are reversing
Dirt Bike Annie - shogun warrior
Weston - record store
Ska Trek - woman acapture man
Boxhamsters - trüffel
Good Clean Fun - who shares wins
The Atari Star - black licorice and gasoline fumes
The Trashmen - surfin bird
The Automatics - degenerate
EA 80 - das band
Chocolate Watch Band - i´m not like everybody else
Bad Manners - just a feelin´
Blofeld - hund katze maus
Muff Potter - siegerlied#

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1. Elton John & Kiki Dee - don't go breaking my heart
2. Seven Days Of Samsara - best friends forever
3. Leben Kommt - landscape
4. Le Tigre - keep on livin'
5. Soma - entflammen
6. Portishead - it could be sweet
7. The Hives - a.k.k. I-D-I-O-T
8. Spitboy - motivated by fear
9. Muff Potter - salzstreuer
10. Catharsis - apsonist's prayer
11. Guts Pie Earshot - enemy today
12. Früchte Des Zorns - feindesland
13. Kinjite - the difference between the difference

1. The Ronettes - be my baby
2. Turbostaat - cpt käse
3. Tiger Army - in the archard
4. Antiproduct - it festers in their hearts
5. Bobbyteens - secret dates
6. Kassandra - mund auf augen zu
7. The Smiths - there is a light that never goes out
8. Angstzustand - du bist falsch.. nicht sie
9. Team Dresh - hate the christian right
10. Newborn - all roads lead to rome
11. The Livids - a perfect rescue from a boring day
12. Heimatglück - sternenphotograph
13. The Locust - straight from the horses mouth
14. Bikini Kill - antipleausure disertation

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1- mogwai: "mogwai fear satan" (my bloody valentine remix)
2- brutal truth: "choice of a new generation"
3- laddio bolocko: "dangler"
4- breach: "replenish the empty"
5- herrmann & kleine: "hello, this one is for you"
6- aphex twin: "vordhosbn"
7- the magnetic fields: "meaningless"

1- delakota: "too tough"
2- earthlings?: "piano falls and kills"
3- raised fist: " the models on tv"
4- billy mahonie: "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"
5- the sebadoh: "total peace"
6- serene: "infallible" (demo)
7- naked city: "mantra of resurrected shit"
8- mr. bungle: "goodbye sober day"
9- the jesus and mary chain: "surfin' usa"
10- spacemen 3: "suicide"

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patrick swayze - shes like the wind
shikari - written in some depressive mood
die ??? - episode
standstill - last bridge
grease - summer nights
the coalfield - my great cable case
satanic surfers - better off today
painted thin - piece by piece
with love - campagne
rocky horror picture show - timewarp
amanda woodward - la prosperite
7 days of samsara - best friends forever
piebald - rock revolution
the spirit of versailles
roxette - it must have been love

ruhaeda - spectro photo
bikini kill - i like fucking
U2 - with or without you
spanischer song
secretos del corazon
team dresch - hate the christian right
nirvana - lake of fire
conflict - whichever way you want it
looking up - 3 times 75

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thin lizzy-rosalie
yah mos-fuck that
milky wimpshake-dailing tone
soft cell-tainted love
fugazi-bulldog front
light the fuse&run-i think...
blood music-a telegram for rosemarie
bruce springsteen-atlantic city
hot snakes-mystery boy
red light sting-bring the ash...
rites of spring-end on end

darkest hour-??
casiotone for the painfully alone-hotel huntington
rye coalition-white jesus...
last match-heads or trails
assfactor 4-sometimes i suck
three penny opera-kids now...
julia-song in a
torches to rome-mass f....
turbonegro-i got erection
cindy lauper-money changes
barry white-can't get enough
sean nana-the bottom
david sandström-dergernäs

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erste seite
des eigenen glückes schmied YAGE
marker BOOKS LIE
the word is go! GO!
the point of no return TRAGEDY
the girl with the wire skull BLACK CAT #13
where is my mind PIXIES
my better half ONE LAST WISH
notres langues nous trompent SAETIA
das sind geschichten FEHLFARBEN
what awaits us BEYOND
we are out of step TIDAL
army of me BJÖRK
zurück zum beton S.Y.P.H.
bongo bong / je ne t'aime plus MANU CHAO
golden brown THE STRANGLERS

zweite seite
EMBRACE no more pain
THE VAN PELT nanzen kills a cat
MADNESS my girl
NEW ORDER blue monday
THE SICK LIPSTICK teenage robots
GANG OF FOUR damaged goods
FUGAZI argument
of breaking everything in this room
MELT BANANA too rough to scoop (find a grain of greed)
THE LOCUST who wants a dose of the clap
HERBIE HANCOCK cantaloupe island
REAGAN YOUTH reagan youth
RORSCHACH lightning strikes twice
STACK hardcore will never die

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01 intro
02 i, robot_the answer
03 jr ewing_holiday narcotic
04 lack_zur genealogier des modernen menschen
05 aftershock_for thos of you who kill
06 falling forward_christensen spring
07 from autumn to ashes_the royal crown -vs.- blue duchess
08 lebensreform_a cry
09 sparkmarker_speaking of heroes
10 at the gates_unto others
11 children of fall_becoming less
12 the spirit that guides us_the end is nigh
13 eighteen visions_she's a movie produced masterpiece
14 texas is the reason_nickel wound
15 both hands broken_a better day

16 intro
17 unearth_my heart bleeds no longer
18 tristan tzara_seaside suicide
19 recover_rodeo
20 naglfar_horncrowned majesty
21 the get up kids_burned bridges
22 kaospilot_the noise from the bell killed me
23 sensefield_wondering time
24 darkest hour_with friends like these
25 linsay_carousel
26 converge_dead
27 avery_damit werden wir schon fertig
28 only if you call me jonathan_juniper pilot
29 orchid_destination: blood!
30 planes mistaken for stars_leveless

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The spook : The giant spider strike
Tigerarmy: Incorporeal
AFI: Sacrifice theory
Misfits: Shining
Copycats: Murder in the first degree
Bambix: Truckstop
Thug murder: Friends and goal
Lack: Kill Britney
Song of zarathustra: Ramirez Liva
John Travolta: Greased lightning
`Harry Belafonte: Angelina
Skaos: South Africa
Siw Malunkwist: Liebeskummer lohnt sich nicht
Cradle of filth: Cthulhu down
Madonna: American pie

Hot water music: No division
Stand still: Skies and a mouse
Fabulous disaster: April fools
Descendents: Bikeage
Turbostaat: 18.09 Uhr, Mist verlaufen
Muff potter: Kleine Welt
Tomte: Die Insecuritate hat meinen zuversichtlichen Bruder erschossen
Die Ärzte: Bravopunks
System of a down: Prison-song
Motörhead: Brave new world
Donots: Jaded
New model army: Ballad of Bodwin Pill
Belle and Sebastian: The model

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1.intro-evil dead2
2.men vs. nature-the plan
3.the blood brothers-red blooded american girl
4.the in/humanity-plan b
5.mohinder-static cult
7.the festival of dead deer-inner planetary reasoning
9.old man gloom-exploder whale/poisoner
11.the dillinger escape plan-damaged1&2
13.DS13-fukked up system(no rights)
15.the oath-a carefully thought out bad idea
16.american nightmare-depression
17.born against-i am a idiot
18.fugazi-shut the door

1.intro-fight club
2.four walls falling-temple
3.children of fall-becoming less
4.breach-god forbid me
5.isis-poison eggs
6.interim-2001 space odysse
9.clint mansell(reqiem for a dream)-summer overture
10.camera obscura-...something about a nightmare:curtain 2
11.camp blackfoot-it was too bad for marie antoinette,and now it's gonna be too bad for you
12.p.thomas sound orchester-espionage under water
13.endeavor-kill trators
15.song of zarathustra-with hands that bleed

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Seite A:
1. Nation/FunDaMental - Come on BO!!! (Public Enemy "Bring The Noise" vs. Dexy' s Midnight Runners 'Come On Eileen')
2. !!! - Intensify
3. Hit Device - Heartbeatkids
4. Winterbrief - Superman in Tin Foil
5. Anjali - Feline Woman
6. Le Tigre - Fake French
7. Mary Timony - I Fire Myslef
8. Mirah - Off pressure
9. Chula - All I Wanted
10. Your Adversary - Aerobending (Remix)
11. Most Secret Method - The Real Sex
12. Pretty Girls Make Graves - Modern Day Emma Goldman
13. Radio 4 - Red Lights Again
14. Outhud - Emporor Selassier' s Morning Wood

Seite B:
1. Beehive&The Barracudas - First Song on "Plastic Soul"
2. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Miles Away
3. The Pattern - Worse All The Time
4. Pleasure Forever - Any Port in a Storm
5. The Shortwave Channel - Halogen Bomb
6. Soiled Doves - Hot Siberian Heart
7. Champagne Kiss - Stereo Relapse
8. Bats & Mice - Sliding Scale
9. The Black Heart Procession - It' s a crime I never told you about the diamonds in your eyes
10. My Bloody Valentine - To here knows when
11. Contriva - Next Time
12. Female Anchor of Sade - Excerpts From Piccolo Angel

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--seiteeins--'s - Harlem Nocturne/Oriental Rock
45 GRAVE - Eye
13th FLOOR ELEVATORS - You're gonna miss me
DELTA 5 - Mind your own business
VALENTINE 6 - Ghost face
SLANT 6 - What kind of monster ?
16 HORSEPOWER - Black soul choir
KEROSENE 454 - Tracer
2-RAUM-WOHNUNG - Wir trafen uns in einem Garten ....
10 VOLT SHOCK - Superflexx
THE 1985 - R U making friends
RHINO 39 - Bars & Bricks
9WOOD - Mission impossible
MUCUS 2 - Keep your cool (to yourself)

DELTA 72 - Rich girls like to steal
ASSFACTOR 4 - E-Rock's new rock
7 SIOUX - Firesioux
39 CLOCKS - Psycho Beat
1.6. BAND - Sticks to your skin
MEGA CITY 4 - Miles apart
B-52's - 52 Girls
CHANNEL 3 - All my dreams
EA 80 - Gladbach soll brennen
GANG OF 4 - To hell with poverty
ATHLETICO SPIZZ 80 - Clocks are big
411 - Under fire
RADIO 4 - The programm repeats

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