My Me Page
Hello, my name is Theada, and this is my "Me" page. I'm going to have to fill out all the details later on, because my dearest, favoritest granddaughter doesn't know all the good stuff that needs to be put in here, so right now, it's only what she knows.

Name: Theada
Nicknames/Alias: Mamahawk, Mamaw, Brown Beauty, D.S.(If you want to know what this means, ask.)
Married?: Not in this lifetime, if I can help it! Been married AND divorced twice and not doing it again!!!
Age: Older than Dirt! However I plan on living to be 100, just to avenge my children and grandchildren. (grin):)
Children: 2 daughters, 1 step-son, and 1 step-daughter
Grandchildren: More than enough, and one ADORABLE granddaughter! (which is her opinion and mine too!!) :)
Hobbies: Talking to my daughters. Playing on the internet. Avoiding my ex-husbands. Looking at Kevin Sorbo pictures. Adopting Dragons from my granddaughter.
Pets: One 17 year old dog named Sheila
Hair: Curly short hair. Used to be deep auburn, and then it turned black. Is now more silver than I'd like it to be.
Eyes: Brown
Collections: Dragons, rocks, gemstones, crystals, cherubs, angels, praying hands, coins, butterflies, Taz, and of course FRIENDS!

Updated 04/04/04