My First (and only) Webpage

Hello, and Welcome to my page! This is my first (and currently only) Webpage that I have, and I didn't even make it but I am learning how to edit it and build new ones. My granddaughter (Nini) made it for me, and I didn't even know about it until she sent me the link to go look. :). My name is Theada, and I am just learning to use my computer that my kids got for me. I'm still learning how to do things, and have finally gotten the hint of some of the Chat programs, but I'm still very stubborn about not wanting to play with my own website, and thus that is where my granddaughter comes in. She is a Website Guru, and plans on trying to get me to play with this page a little bit... Even if it's to look at the Kevin Sorbo Pictures that will eventually be on here. :)

Listen up! I finally have updated my page! Come see the Dragons I adopted from my GrandDaughter!!!

My First Adopted Dragon
My Bonded Dragon


My Latest Adopted Dragon

Special Edition Dragons

Eventually you will find all of these things:
Kevin Sorbo Pictures
My "Me" Page
My GOTG Secret Event Page
My Special Gifts
Pictures of my family
My youngest daughter's web page
My middle grandson's page
Links to some of my favorite pages
And various other high calorie sections. :)

But currently this is all under construction, and you're stuck with this unfinished page. :)


updated 08/04/07