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My Wood Spirit

I'm a woodland Pixie here to tell you the Tale of Gril Sprout.

Once Upon A Time ..... No, No, No! That's not right. A Long, Long Time ago in A Galaxy ..... No, No, No! That's not right either. Many Moons ago ..... (SIGH) That's not it either .....

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What?!?! You don't know what Text to insert up there?!?!? Okay, so maybe it shouldn't be insert. Maybe it should be PLACED. You don't like that *either* ..... Picky, Picky, PICKY!

My Magical Pixie

Nevermind her, Gril Sprout is here and her story will be here eventually. In the meantime, please go to DragonRose Adoptions using the link below to adopt your own dragon. Just remember, you have to have a much better webpage than this one if you ever want to adopt one.

Oh yeah, and watch out for Shamus. He is guarding this page and Gril Sprout!


Sure, she is in a Chrystalis. She's a teenager! When she hatches again, she will be the best dragon ever!

Name: Gril Sprout
Gender: Female
Breed: Thin Mint Dragon
Status: Teenager
Parents: Fe'Lythe and Rhallan
Clutch: Thin Mint Clutch #2
Colors: Brown and Rainbow
Food: Red Meat and some Pollen
Temperament: Mean/Preoccupied
Body Type: Earth/Rainbow
Adopted: November 2002
Hatched: February 20, 2003

Adopted from
DragonRose Adoptions

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Updated 04/03/04

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