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Welcome to Jah Wobble's Page!

This page was created for Southglos and her dragon Jah Wobble. Southglos is from England and hasn't created her own webpage yet. She loves the Dragon Rose Dragons and wanted one of her own so the page was placed here. Only she can answer questions about Jah Wobble so don't ask MamaHawk.

You walk over to Jah Wobble's nest with Southglos, and see a green egg within. Southglos found him in the DragonRose Nursery after much searching for a Wood Dragon. This was the closest she could find. It should be interesting to see what he looks like when he hatches. Southglos says he can't sing very well but he's still in an egg, after all.

You and Southglos begin hearing a high pitched screeching noise in the back of your heads, and you have no earthly idea what it may be! Just to see if the Dragon egg is doing well, you both walk over to it, and see several fracture lines racing across it's surface! THAT must be what you're hearing! The screeching noises are the little dragon's claws scraping across the inside of the Egg, trying to get out! Suddenly, it cracks, and you see one single tooth sticking from the shell. Then the shells squirms from the inside, and soon claws are scraping at the puncture in the egg, cracking it apart. Suddenly the egg shatters, and there is a perfectly formed dragon laying before, staring up into Southglos's eyes.

"Friend?" it asks within her mind, and then it squeals it's joy in both your heads, "Jah Wobble! I know my name!"

"Yes, Friend!" says Southgloss

Jah Wobble stumbles over to Southglos and the greens that she was waiting for him. "I choose YOU!" He says. Then he starts gobbling down the greens before settling down for a nap.

"And I choose you, JW!" exclaims Southglos with tears in her eyes.

Jah Wobble has been growning and taking singing lessons! Altho, he doesn't quite have the hang of it yet. I don't recommend hanging around for long. Now that he is a teenager, his voice is changing so please cover your ears as you walk past.

This is before voice lessons:

This is after voice lessons:

Jah Wobble is afraid to try his voice at the moment because he is now an ADULT!

Give him a week or two to adjust to his new status and I'm sure he will have something for you to listen to.

Name: Jah Wobble
Gender: Male
Breed: Muddy Buddy Dragon
Status: ADULT!
Parents: Ly'Cra and Shau'Na
Clutch: Muddy Buddy Clutch #1
Colors: Green and Orange
Food: Greenery
Temperament: Happy & Carefree
Body Type: Day/Earth
Adopted: 01 June 2002

Blaaaabby has come to stay with Jah Wobble because she knows that Muddy Buddy Dragons don't eat meat.

Adopted from
DragonRose Adoptions

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