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Ni'Flutter'By is Now an Adult!!!!!!! She has matured from her curious age, though deffinitly not from her protective age! So walk carefully, and stay by my side! (*grins*)

You walk over to Ni'Flutter'By's nest with MamaHawk, and see a beautiful Night Dragon standing Gracefully before you. She looks shy, timid almost, but then you catch a glimmer of danger in her eyes, JUST before she pins you to the ground!

"MY human!!!!" You hear a voice say angrily in your mind. "No! Ni'Flutter'By! That is my guest! They are not harming me, I swear! I will tell you whenever I feel unsafe! I promise!" Mamahawk yells at the angered Dragon. Slowly you feel the claws being removed from your throat, and as the majority of the dragon's bulk is removed from your body, you slide away, clutching your neck! Mamahawk asks you if you have been harmed in any way, and you say no simply because Ni'Flutter'By gives you a VERY mean look, and tells you in your mind, "Do NOT Distress her.".. but you can't get past the sensation that you can feel a little bit of liquid under your palm.

Name: Ni'Flutter'By
Gender: Female
Breed: Night Dragon
Status: Adult
Parents: Unknown
Clutch: Wild Clutch #2
Adopted From: Dragon Rose adoptions

You walk slowly, and VERY carefully past the touchy dragon, and soon you come to a new area with MamaHawk.

"Flaming Kimono is an Adult!!!" Mamahawk excitedly tells you, and then pulls you towards the second Dragon's nest.

Click on the egg shells below to see him!

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