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Mamahawk begins hearing a high pitched screeching noise in the back AND FRONT of her head! Mamahawk cringes "Here we go again!!!!!!!"

You look at her in surprise, then you are almost overwhelmed by the sounds resonating inside your skull.

The two of you look over at the eggs and can see several fracture lines racing across their surfaces! THAT must be what you're hearing! The screeching noises are the little dragons' claws scraping across the inside of the Egg, trying to get out!

You shout at Mamahawk, "IS IT ALWAYS THIS NOISY?"

Mamahawk laughs, "Only when you have 3 fire dragon eggs hatching at the same time!"

Suddenly, one cracks, and you see one single tooth sticking from the shell. Then the other one cracks. The shells squirm and bulge from the inside, and soon claws are pulling at the puncture in the egg, cracking it apart.  Then the 3rd one BURSTS apart!

The eggs shatter, and there are Three  Baby Fire dragons lying before you, staring back at you!!!.

"HUNGRY!" they say in unison! Your stomach growls like you have not eaten in  weeks and you double over from the pain!

"Here my lovelies! Here is the herdbeast meat for you to munch on", as Mamahawk sets out THREE seperate bowls heaping with bloody chunks of steaming meat.
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