Some Must To Know Facts About Aishwarya Rai - Mathew Kurian

My Dream Girl - Aishwariya Rai

               Some Must To Know Facts About Aishwarya Rai                


Favourite hero- heroine: Raj Kapoor, Nargis.

Favourite drink :This sounds like an endorsement but honestly, I like Coca-Cola. Otherwise, I love coffee. It's a very typical, South Indian taste. I also regularly have lime and honey in hot water. It's good for your skin and system.

Your strength: My self-assurance. It's ever present even in the worst situations.

The most outrageous pass made at you: Nah, can't talk about it.

Your idea of bliss: Lies somewhere in the vicinity of my bed (I love to laze, that's all I mean!).

Favourite perfume : Perfumes dictate moods and so they keep changing for me according to my moods. But I do like a lot of male and sporty colognes for the day while working.
In the evenings, I like more exotic, oriental and woody fragrances. Something spicier for the evenings is a must.

Favourite all-time movie: Casablanca

Clothes: Casuals and Formals: I like structure jackets and form fitting gowns for formal wear and chikan salwaar kameez for casual wear. Jeans & T-Shirt do very well too. I hate anything that's fussy and frilly.

Food habits: Fussy About: Very plain fare. I am not fussy about food at all. I can survive on dal chawal and vegetables.

Do you diet: NO!!

What makes you happiest: My family and a very close group of friends.

What scares you the most: Cockroaches, I abhor them.

What do you absolutely hate: Gossip, hypocrisy.

Your dream man: Should be handsome but not necessarily tall and dark!

Your idea of love: Is what my parents share.

Your weakness: My willingness to take people at face value.

You're possessive about: The people I care for.

Favourite colognes: Happy by Clinique.

What turns up on: Razor sharp intelligence, witty repartees.

Do you have a fovourite pastime: Sleeping (Alone, mind you!).

Your idea of sexy: A combination of vulnerability and intelligence.

Music: What kind? Favourite number-group: i am very democratic in my tastes, anything that's music to my ears, will do.

You're sentimental about: A lot of things from my childhood.

Do you try practical jokes: No, I don't! I am too polite for that.

Favourite holiday resort: Any place that gives me peace of mind.

You admire: Strength of character.

You believe in: In God first and then myself.

Best compliment you've received: A child at an orphange told me that my warmth over shines my beauty. I was bowled over!

Any pets: I can only think of one right now, me!

You're paranoid about: Being an under-achiever.

Any colours you're crazy about: Black, I love it!

You're booked in the industry till: I utter the magic words, 'I Do'.

The saddest moment in your life: When I didn't make it to the top three in my 10th grade.

Motto: Be kind, there are battles being fought and not all of them are on the battlefield.

MESSAGE TO FANS: Life may be one BIG Drama, and we, character in it.....  But.... LIVE IT..... Every moment in it !!?!!







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