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Mini Inukshuk

Inukshuk sketch Inukshuks are stones piled in a representation of a person. They are traditional landmarks created in the Arctic where there are no trees and few distinguishing features of the land to use for reference when travelling.


Small stones or pebbles
Empty "clear" film canister or pill bottle
White craft glue or glue gun
Large yarn needle
Small piece of yarn

How to Make your Inukshuk

  1. Prepare the canister
    Make a small hole in the bottom of the film canister with a needle or scissors.
    Fold the yarn in half and thread the two loose ends through the needle.
    Thread the needle and yarn through the hole in the canister. 
    ** Don't pull the yarn all the way through!  The loose ends should be inside the canister with the loop on the outside.
    Tie a knot in the loose ends of the yarn. Trim the ends and pull on the outside 
    loop to hide the knot inside the canister.

  2. Build the Inukshuk
    Glue the stones together in an arrangement you like to make your Inukshuk.
    It doesn't have to be exactly like the example shown.
    Make sure the Inukshuk will fit into your canister before gluing it together!

  3. Assembly
    Glue the Inukshuk's feet to the inside of the lid.
    Carefully glue the canister and lid together, with the Inukshuk inside.

  4. Display your piece of the Arctic with pride!