Dragon Name: Quiana
Gender: Female
Colors: Orange and Brown
Food: Greenery
Temperament: Happy/Carefree
Body Type: Day/Earth
Washi and Quiana Web Page
It has taken my awail to get my dragons on this page so I decided to put both the egg and the baby's on it. Sorry it took my so long
I want you to meet Quiana. She likes to play all the time. Harmony Harmony what are you doing says Quiana? Nothing Quiana. Will you play with me please please. Ok says Harmony. What do you want to play my dear. Lets see we can just run. I have not been able to run for a long timeshe says. Ok says Harmony lets run. There was a gust of wind that went past me and I look and and Quiana is running in front me and i try to catch her and i can't. All of a sudden Quiana stops as fast as she started and I thought something was wrong. What is wrong dear why did you stop I said. Quiana said nothing but this grass looked really good to eat so I stop to eat. Oh ok says Harmony. You enjoy the grass and I am going to see how the rest of my dragons are doing.