Black gelding 
Foaled 1972
Echo is the first Morgan I purchased. I bought him when he was 18 years young. He is now 29 years, and going strong.My farm is named after him.

He is a wonderful example of a Morgan. Tons of personality, small, "tippy" ears, wide forehead, large, bright eyes, and a beautiful head.  He is very passive and quiet in the pasture, but put him under saddle and he transforms into a snorting, sassy mount. He is full of himself, and is not for the novice rider. I still ride him occasionally, but he has earned his retirement. I cherish every day that he still walks the earth, and I hope he has many more years ahead.
Echo at 18 years young.
Echo at 20 years old.
Echo and Twist. Photo taken 1998
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