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Noted author, lecturer and equipment designer, Ralph Zumbro has assembled here on this web site his latest research along with links to his past works. To learn more about Ralph, read his biography here:

Ralph Zumbro's Military/Civil Biography

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Tank Sergeant

Ralph Zumbro and James Walker's Jungle Tracks (Paperback - June 1989)

Tank Aces

Ralph Zumbro and James Walker's PUMA FORCE Adventure publishing, pocket books, NY:

The Iron Cavalry Mass Market Paperback - 528 pages (December 1998) Pocket Books; ISBN: 0671013904

And many magazine articles in U.S. Army ARMOR magazine:

Lighten Up, Guys!, November-December 1999

Mine Resistant Tracks, March-April 1997

Armored Expeditionary Forces, September-October 1995, pages 14-16

Independent Operations, September-October 1993, pages 15-20, 52-53

Armor's Achilles Heel, May-June, 1989, pages 7-11

Historical Research

Main focuses:

Long Endurance Horse Cavalry for border patrol operations and modern combat

Independent tracked armored cavalry 2D/3D operations in non-linear wars

Supply and Logistic operations for long range/high endurance operations

The use of mechanized troops for guerrilla suppression operations

Combined arms operations low in the TO&E to include Armor/Infantry operations

Air/Mech ops (Armor in the Airhead)

Mechanized forces in counter-terrorist operations.

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