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Friendship Stick

A friendship stick symbolises the sense of belonging to a living group across the barriers of language, race, and culture.

Friendship Stick Symbols

The blue band at the top represents the blue sky we all live under together.
The blue eye stands for life. 
The black eye stands for death.
The upwardly curved red lips mean joy.
The green band is for purity in thought, word, and deed.
The five bands (yellow, red, brown, white, and black) are all of equal size - as all people are created equal whatever their race or colour.
The red band signifies hope.
The brown band at the bottom represents the earth on which we all stand.



A friendship stick can be made with any stick or dowel.
Colour in the different bands with markers or paint.
Drill a hole through the yellow band and thread a cord through it.
Copy the symbols onto a small piece of paper, cover with clear plastic, and attach to the friendship stick.
Large friendship sticks can be displayed on a wall.  Attach small friendship sticks to your camp hat, or wear as a necklace.
Make one to give to a friend!