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Easy Flag Pin


1 1/4" safety pin
metal jump ring
5cm x 5cm piece of shrink art plastic
4 yellow E-size beads
3 white E-size beads
1 blue E-size beads

red permanent marker
black permanent marker
hole punch
needle nose pliers
aluminium foil
cookie sheet




  1. Make the inukshuk charm
    Trace the pattern shown above onto the shrink plastic using the black marker.
    Colour the inukshuk red.
    Cut out the inukshuk and punch a small hole near the top of the head.
    Follow the instructions from your shrink art plastic to shrink the inukshuk in the oven.
    (Place on foil covered cookie sheet and bake at 275 F for one minute or until piece has stopped shrinking and lies flat.)
    When the inukshuk has cooled, insert the jump ring through the hole at the top.
  2. Assemble the pin
    Use the pliers to pull apart the coils of the safety pin.  They need to be separated enough for the beads to pass through.
    Thread 4 yellow beads onto the pin, around the coils, and onto the back bar.  Add the inukshuk and the white and blue beads as shown in the picture.
    Close the pin, and use the pliers to compress the coils back to their original shape.
    Attach the pin to your hat.


** To make this craft easier for younger girls, use coilless safety pins from a craft store!


Make a Canada flag pin using 4 red & 4 white beads, and a maple leaf charm from the pattern below.