Her name is "Lady Sha'Lea!
A Knight she will forever be.
She was the best Knight & there was never a task that was too light
for this fair Knight. She honored her team-mates with love &friendship & trust.
I was not on her team but even still she was always  there for me. 
Nothing was too hard for Fairy Moon Beam! She never met a stranger weather it was online or not.
I borrowed graphics from her site because I want her to always know she will always have a place in our hearts & a place on the web because I will always leave these pages up for her out of friendship & love.
. If anyone wants me to remove them I will if asked to by her family.
. I also want to put a poem that she wrote because I think it speaks volumes of the person she was to all of you & to me.
"Once I was blind, but now I can see.
A world full of darkness was shown to me, I looked to the left, and I looked to the right, but nothing I saw was as bright as the light. 
The Lord came to me out of the night, to show me the difference from wrong & right. So he guided me both day & night, to protect me from what was wrong &right.
So listen my friends, who don't see the light: the Lord is there to show you what's right.
So once in the Light you have nothing to fear. 
Because God loves you all, and will always be near."
Written by Sandy of Kay's Den.(c) The words above this poem were wrote by me: Sandy's friend
Robin Reeser Lopez aka Fairy Navy Brat