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This is my son Eric and as you can tell he is a very big Metallica Fan! I made this page just for him & the background set was made by  me just for him! Eric is my 1st born son! He is special in many ways! He is my musician & artist & does well in both! He also has ADHD..which makes him even more special! He was born on May 20, 1986! He will be 18 this year! I can't believe it! Eric is also a very good big brother! He is  working at Sonic again! Family tradition I suppose LOL I worked there when I was in High School! I suppose Jesse will too! I looked at a picture of my Dad when he was young & looked at Eric at  how he looks now & he looks just like my Dad did! He was grandpa's boy! Eric is a wonderful blessing in my life & I can also say he is my friend..He is just the best son a mother could ask for & so is his brother Jesse. Eric I love you so very much & I am very proud of you! I got inspired to make a page about Eric due to he is my sweet boy but also from a friends website that deals with ADDHD Children & it helped me alot so I will also be listing alot of links for that & helpful links for single mom's like me! Eric you are the light of my life!~ Love Mom
All of these Metallica graphics were taken from & click on the above graphic to go to
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