This page was made for my son Jesse! He is my second son & like his brother he is the light of my life! Jesse is my jock & my poet & Eddie George of The Titan's is his hero! Jesse loves to play all sports & is very loving like his brother! He is very special to me..He is my baby! Don't tell him I said that! Jesse & Eric & I are avid fans of The Tonkawa Buccaneers!  He loves video games & so does his brother Eric! They both love music! Jesse I am very proud of you & you are the light of my life! I want you & Your brother to go for everything you want in life! I will be behind you all the way!Jesse is a loyal fan of The Titan's & that is where I got these graphics to make this page for him!
  Jesse was born 6/21/90  He will be 14 this year!
He was grandpa's boy too!
~Love Mom
Some graphics were taken from The Titan's Online Fan Shop