I am a Navy Brat & Proud! I thought I would write a little about the man who inspired this site & my many other sites! My Dad was a very caring father! He taught me so much! He taught me to love God & Family & My Beloved Country! The U.S.A. I was born & raised in Oklahoma! GO OU GO! My Daddy was my best friend! I am blessed to still have my wonderful Mom! She is my best friend as well! I think if I could go anywhere today I would go to Wilmington North Carolina to see the ship my Dad served on! The U.S.S. North Carolina. My Dad was unique! He never met a stranger! He made friends with everyone he met! I got my thick curly brown hair & big brown eyes from him! Daddy it has been three years since you died & I still miss you just as much as the day you left us to go be with the Lord. I still need you! I know you are my gaurdian angel & that you are watching over Eric & Jesse & I ! Thankyou Daddy for helping me with my boys! I know the wisdom you imparted to them will make them better men in the days to come! Look who they had for a role model!  I want to thank you Daddy for always being there when I needed you & I want to thank you for never leaving Mom's side! Not only were you a good father & grand father but you were a good husband to Mom! Why don't they make men like you anymore?? Mom is doing good Daddy! I have been looking out for her like you asked me to! I miss you so so much Daddy. No one will ever take your place in my heart!
~Love Robin Sue
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Thankyou Doug for coloring the photo of My Daddy! I love it!