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I got the story "The Deserter" From Pocket's Site
"The Deserter"
Not Far from Jerusalem,a fire burns in the wilderness. A deserter from the Roman army is warming his hands,shaking not only from the chill of the evening,but from the internal turmoil. A stranger is winding  His way down the road. The deserter beckons the stranger to come over. The stranger comes over and sits by the fire and pulls his cloak around him,as the deserter begins to pour out his soul and says,"Sir,I can see you're a stranger here,the dust of the road on your sandals. Perhaps you do not know what has taken place in Jerusalem in the past few days,but we have killed a God. I was called out as an arresting officer. We arrested this man,Jesus,took Him before illegal tribunals. I was there when he was winding His way to Golgotha. I wanted to take the cross from His shoulders but I dared not. There on a hill I was called forward to put my hand on his palm and wrist and hold his flesh to the wood as the nails were driven through. I felt His blood splash upon my hands. I looked into His eyes and felt the warmth of His love that made it as though the very marrow of my bones would melt. I saw the cross as it was lifted up and dropped into the hole. I could almost hear his flesh tear.And through that awful day, I watched. Toward the afternoon He cried out,"It is finished" and he fell limp upon the cross. I knew that we had killed a God. I ran and I ran to where you have found me here. Sir, I tell you we have killed a God,we have killed a God. The deserter looked up from the fire into the face of the stranger. The stranger was smiling. The deserter said "Sir,there is nothing in this story to smile about!"But the stranger continued to smile as he pulled his hands from under his cloak to warm them in the fire. And there in the glow,the deserter saw nail prints in palms & wrists. And he fell to his knees crying out,"My God, my God"
The song "Our God Reigns" Is by Leonard Smith